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Questions and Answers

Q. Why should we book our excursion with Excursions of Key West?
A. Who better to book with than a company who has owned and operated an excursion company in Key West? We understand the people, the area, the weather, and know what it takes to make sure you have the best excursion possible. We pride ourselves by working with the best and most reputable excursion Vendors in Key West.
Q. Are your prices lower than the cruise lines?
A. Most definitely. A lot of people don't know that the cruise lines add as much as 50% above the retail price of the excursion for themselves.
Q. Is booking online accurate?
A. Yes, our online booking engine is "live," meaning when you book with us, you have an immediate email notification that your booking is "Pending." We then personally double check each reservation to make sure there are no issues after which you will receive your Confirmation with full details of your excursion.
Q. How do I make a reservation online?
A. We have made it very easy for you. Three clicks and you're done. (1) - Click the icon to the left for the type of excursion you are interested in. (2) - Click the subcategory for the specific excursion type and all of the excursion options will appear on the right. (3) - Click on the individual excursion you wish to book. After that you can continue through the checkout process.
Q. How do I get confirmation that I booked an excursion?
A. A confirmation will be automatically sent to the email address that you provide for us. All of the necessary information for your excursion will be listed on it. It is important to bring your confirmation with you to the excursion company the day of your excursion.
Q. Can I make reservations for different excursions, like snorkeling and a dolphin trip?
A. Yes you can, however you will need to book each trip separately. Our system is set up this way because the customer needs separate detailed information for each trip and our vendors do not share confirmation numbers.
Q. What is included in my excursion?
A. Every excursion is a little different. Some may include refreshments, equipment, etc. and some may not. However, each excursion listed on Excursions of Key West has all of the information needed to help you prepare for your day. Information such as activity level, what to wear, restrictions, directions, and more, is listed on the details page of each excursion.
Q. What if I want to cancel a reservation?
A. All of the information you need regarding Cancellations, Procedures, or Disclaimers is located at the bottom of each page or you can go directly to our Cancellation Policy page for an overview regarding cancellations.
Q. Is it customary to tip the employees on my excursion?
A. Yes. Key West is a major tourist destination, therefore, most of the staff or crew rely heavily on gratuity for their income. You will be surprised how far a couple of extra dollars will go into making a good day a great day.
Q. Will I get seasick on a water excursion?
A. In our experience, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you even think you will get motion sickness or simply don't know, it is better to take some anti-sea sickness medicine prior to your excursion.
Q. Will I get sunburned while in Key West?
A. Key West is the southernmost city in the United States and therefore closest to the Equator. Chances are, if you don't apply sunscreen or dress accordingly you will probably get more sun then you anticipated.
Q. If I have questions, can I call someone at Excursions of Key West directly?
A. Absolutely, we look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have. Our number one goal is to make sure you are happy with the services we provide.
Q. Why does it say Waypoint South on the bottom of my confirmation?
A. Excursionsofkeywest.com is our marketing website for Key West and is a division of Waypoint South. (See our Cancellation Policy for more information.)


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