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Key West Safari Snorkel Tour (SW-101)

You and your fellow captains will have the opportunity to navigate and explore the back county where you will get up close and personal with all of the natural wildlife of the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary.

Your guide will take you to the secret passageways that wind through the native Florida mangroves. Your trip will also take you to the beautiful beaches of many of the islands in the back country of the Keys where you can cool off in the crystal clear water or explore for shells while watching the fiddler crabs play hide and seek in the sand.

We take you to areas that only the locals know about. You will also have the chance to snorkel the shallow reefs that are teeming with 100's of species of tropical fish. Have the most amazing time on this 20 mile, one of a kind excursion. It is sure to be one of the best memories you'll have during your time here in Key West.

All snorkeling equipment is supplied at no extra cost. If you've never snorkeled before, one of the trained professionals will help you out.

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