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Shark Fishing Smackdown (FKW-149)

When you're ready for real action, we'll be ready for you, with our Shark Fishing Smackdown. After getting a shark on the line for the first time you will be the one hooked; hooked on shark fishing that is.

Watch an explosion happen as a bull shark attacks your top water lure and makes a run in the opposite direction. Sharks are catch and release but what a blast it is fight them. In the shallow and calm waters around Key West you will hook into bull sharks, black tips, hammerheads, tiger, lemon, and reef sharks.

Some sharks breach the water and some charge the boat, when fighting to get off the hook, so hang on tight as this trip is bound to wear you out. It is truely amazing to see these awesome creatures up close, so give us a call and book the Shark Fishing Smackdown today.

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