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Wreck Fishing Expedition (FKW-148)

Key West is surrounded by water which means there are lots of wrecks to fish over. If you join us on our Wreck Fishing Expedition we will choose a few from the more than 200 wrecks in the area.

The depth of the wrecks range from 15 feet to 400 feet and they are home to so many fish species that it will make your head spin. Whether we're bottom fishing or getting some top water action, we will help you load up the boat with cobia, gag grouper, mutton, snapper, amberjack, African pompano, barracuda, black fin tuna, shark, or black and red grouper.

You never really know what your hooked into and the wrecks vary as much as the fish; some are airplanes, submarines, shrimp boats, and even treasure ships.

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