Leisure Excursions

Leisure Excursions of Key West

Key West Beach Pass (SW-108)

Spend the entire day on Key West’s best beach with our Key West Beach Pass.

Sunset Dinner Cruise (SW-104)

Sunset Dinner Cruise

A tropical buffet, unlimited drinks, and a sunset cruise all for one low price!

Tropical Bike Tour (LBT-124)

Tropical Bike Tour Tired of the average tourist attraction? Well friends your worries are over. Take part of our Tropical Bike Tour and join Lloyd as he takes you to to see things and places you would have never imagined existed in Key West.

Sunset Paddle Combo (SUP-143)

Sunset Paddle Combo

The Sunset Paddle board Combo is a wonderful trip on our standup paddle boards through the winding mangroves of the Marine Sanctuary where you will see an array of marine wildlife such as, starfish, horseshoe crabs, stingrays, sea cucumbers, hundreds of fish species, and then view the beautiful Key West sunset.