Eco Excursions

Eco Excursions in Key West

Waverunner Tour (SW-106)

Waverunner Tour

If you’re thinking about riding a waverunner, there is no better way to go than our incredible Key West Waverunner Guided Tour. Take this massive 25 mile, 1-1/2 hour guided tour around the entire island of Key West where you will see amazing historical sites along the way.

Clear Kayak Tour (CU-118)

Clear Kayak

Our Clear Kayak Tour is one-of-a-kind, as we have the only 100 percent clear kayaks in Key West. See the world that lives under the clear waters that surround our island paradise like you have never seen before.ent.

Dolphin Triple Combo (SW-107)

Dolphin Triple Combo

If you’re a lover of wildlife or just dolphins in general, don’t miss our Key West Dolphin Triple Combo. The most cost effective way to do three excursions in one. Come join us on our custom-designed boat specifically designed for a more

Ocean View Adventure (OV-163)

Ocean View Adventure

Travel aboard a sleek hydrofoil glass bottom boat that gets you and up to 11 others out to the “Dolphin Playgrounds” to see how these beautiful creatures play and jump though the crystal clear waters of Key West.

Paddleboard Eco Tours (SUP-142)

Eco Paddleboard

If you can’t get enough of the outdoors and wildlife then the Paddleboard Eco Tour is for you. Be part of our guided tour takes you through the National Marine Sanctuary’s winding mangrove system where you will see starfish, horseshoe crabs, stingrays, sea cucumbers, and hundreds of fish species.

Safari Snorkel Tour (SW-101)

Safari Snorkel Tour

Welcome to the world famous Safari Snorkel Tour in Key West Florida. The only excursion where you can be the skipper of your own mini speed boat.

Sunset Paddle Combo (SUP-143)

Sunset Paddle Combo The Sunset Paddle board Combo is a wonderful trip on our standup paddle boards through the winding mangroves of the Marine Sanctuary where you will see an array of marine wildlife such as, starfish, horseshoe crabs, stingrays, sea cucumbers, hundreds of fish species, and then view the beautiful Key West sunset.