Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters in Key West

Catamaran Party Boat (TC-119)

Catamaran Party Boat

Looking to find the least expensive way to catch the most amount of fish? Then say hello to our Catamaran Party Boat Fishing Charter. Our 64 foot catamaran is the newest and most stable fishing boat in all of Key West.

Offshore Fishing Bonanza (FKW-144)

Offshore Fishing Bonanza

Key West is one of the best fishing locations in the world so come charter a trip on our Offshore Fishing Bonanza. Our fleet of captains have decades of experience and you will catch fish.

Back Country Fish Roundup (FKW-145)

Back Country Fishing Charter

Why do we call it the Back Country Fish Roundup? Because there are so many channels, mangrove islands, and wide open flats that we catch so much fish, it could be compared to rounding up cattle.

Coral Reef Fish Attack (FKW-146)

Coral Reef Fish Attack

When you want to stuff the freezer with fresh fish, there’s no better way to do it than going on our Coral Reef Attack. We have the only natural living reef in all of North America which runs from Miami to the Dry Tortugas about 70 miles west of Key West.

Tarpon Mania Trip (FKW-147)

Tarpon Mania Fishing Charter

There’s people who fish and there’s people who tarpon fish. For the latter, we suggest our Tarpon Mania Trip. Morning, afternoon, or evening we know where to find this silver king of fish.

Wreck Fishing Expedition (FKW-148)

Wreck Fishing Charters

Key West is surrounded by water which means there are lots of wrecks to fish over. If you join us on our Wreck Fishing Expedition we will choose a few from the more than 200 wrecks in the area.

Shark Fishing Smackdown (FKW-149)

Shark Fishing in Key West

When you’re ready for real action, we’ll be ready with our Shark Fishing Smackdown. After getting a shark on the line for the first time you will be the one hooked; hooked on shark fishing that is.

Split Charter Fishing Trip (FKW-150)

Catch a shark in Key West

We know how much people enjoy fishing, but a lot of people are looking for a deal when it comes to chartering a boat so we now offer our Split Charter Fishing Trip.

Shark & Tarpon Sunset Combo (FKW-151)

If you’re looking for something that combines the best of both worlds than consider our Shark and Tarpon Sunset Combo. We’ll head out right before dusk and go to where the tarpon roll and sharks like to feed.

Mutton Snapper Spawn Special (FKW-152)

Mutton Snapper Spawn Special

Our Mutton Snapper Spawn Special only goes on for two months during the year so make your reservations now. During May and June, the mutton snapper come out under the full moon to spawn near Key West and when they do we fill the boat.

Gulf of Mexico Towers Trip (FKW-153)

Gulf of Mexico Towers Fishing Trip

Come join us on our Gulf of Mexico Tower Trip. It is a special charter you won’t forget. In federal waters 9 miles from land, out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, lies the Air Force communication towers.

Gulf of Mexico Wreck Trip (FKW-154)

Gulf of Mexico Wreck Trip

On our Gulf of Mexico Wrecks Trip we fishing around some of the hundreds of wrecks out in the Gulf of Mexico. These wrecks range from airplanes and shrimp trawlers to freighters and massive rubble piles.unication towers.

Shrimp Trawler Fishing Party (FKW-155)

Shrimp Trawler Fishing Party

One of the most insane fishing trips we offer. Our Shrimp Trawler Fishing Party is so much fun you will not believe you are catching this much fish. Our friends in the commercial fishing industry allows us to fish behind their boats after a night of trawling for shrimp.

Dry Tortugas Fishing Journey (FKW-156)

Dry Tortugas Fishing Journey

Many IGFA World Records have been caught in the area of our Dry Tortugas Fishing Journey. The Dry Tortugas is an atoll 70 miles west of Key West that lies at the end of the only natural living coral reef in North America.