Gulf of Mexico Towers Trip

Gulf of Mexico Towers Trip (FKW-153)

Come join us on our Gulf of Mexico Tower Trip. It is a special charter you won’t forget. In federal waters 9 miles from land, out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, lies the Air Force communication towers. These towers are supported by huge legs that are anchored to the sea floor. These legs create structure for hundreds of fish species which in turn makes for a great day of fishing.

Two reasons these towers are great to fish: 1) They are further away then most people want to fish which means they are never crowded and 2) It requires a special license to fish these towers and we have one. Not only that, our license allows us to keep what we catch. Don’t miss out on this custom fishing trip made just for you.


Dress: Active wear

Duration: 8 Hours (morning)

Activity Level: High

Items Included: Drinking water, tackle, bait, license and equipment

Restrictions: None

Departure Times: Departure time will be at dawn. Call 1-2 days prior to your excursion date to get the exact time of departure.

Additional Notes: All rods, reels and equipment are top of the line. Feel free to bring along a cooler with some sandwiches or beer if you like (no glass containers allowed).
All boats have a bathroom. Depending on which hotel you are staying at, we may be able to pick you up by boat, call for details. Six passengers maximum per boat.