Parasailing AdventureKey West Parasailing Adventure

Soar high above the tropical waters of Key West with our Key West Parasailing Adventure. Go solo or have one or two friends join along in the most breath taking adventure on the island.

It’s one thing to visit Key West to view our beautiful island, but you can’t compare the view from 300 feet above the crystal clear water. Come fly away on our Key West Parasailing Adventure and while you’re at it, share the experience with one or two friends.

From up here, you will see the tropical reefs like you’ve never seen before. Watch the dolphins play and the schools of fish swarm below. Get a first hand view of some sunken wrecks and see the many scattered islands that make up the back country. All of our boats and equipment are state of the art, so what are you waiting for? Come join us for the ride of your life.

Choose from the Historic District or Smathers Beach!

You’ve never seen Key West’s Historic Seaport like this before. From high above, enjoy the quaint beauty of the north side of the island. View charter boats moored on historic docks or cruising the waterway, you may see cruise ships or yachts. Take in the resorts, unique shops, and all that is the famous about Key West Bight from a bird’s eye view. Of course there is the crystal clear water too!

Soar above Smathers Beach and get a bird’s eye view of the south side of the island. As you float high in the air you will view the breathtaking crystal water and pristine beach, and the almost hypnotic gently rolling of the waves. Sail over a shallow water reef and see a variety of marine life and watch others enjoying Key West activities from high above. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

Pricing: $79.95 per person

Early Bird Special: 9:00 am trip is $70 per person